Minegage Incorporates as Existential Games

In a move finalized last December, game development company Minegage is now working under the banner of Existential Games Inc. after a decade of working within the Minecraft development and education community.

Existential Games Inc. CEO Garrett Zimmer started Minegage in late 2014, early 2015 as a sole proprietorship organization with a focus on consulting and supporting teachers using Minecraft as a game development and educational tool.

After working with higher level technologies to create larger projects for organizations and companies like Microsoft, Intel, Deloitte, and COSTI, and seeing the value of Minegage’s work around the world, Zimmer decided to restructure Minegage differently and incorporate under the title of “Existential Games.” The new name speaks to the company’s goal of creating serious games that take on complex issues while staying fun and engaging.

In becoming Existential Games, the company has onboarded new employees and increased its offerings to include the ability to support higher quality games, applications and consulting services to meet the changing needs of business today.

Working at the intersection of business, education, entertainment and technology over the past few decades, I’ve recognized that how we work with and process information is changing so quickly today,” Zimmer said.
“The most successful companies of the future are the ones who can harness all four of those elements to create deeper bonds of engagement and loyalty with their customers.