• How We Can Support Your Organization

    How do you leverage IT to maximize virtual customer interactions in today’s COVID-19 world?

  • Gamification Consulting and Support

    Gamification is the art of creating deeper, more meaningful customer and employee engagement by incorporating the very same principles and elements that make games one of the most successful, highest loyalty-driving forms of media today.

    Gamification solutions are ideal for employee training, customer loyalty programs, sales funnel flow-through, and as part of larger brand marketing and outreach campaigns.

  • Game Design for Business and Education

    In the last 10 years, Fortune 100s, ministries of education, and other groups have turned to Existential Games Inc. – Minegage for development, training and consultation to support their various game-based learning strategies.

    We focus on using the latest technologies and developments in learning science to create impactful games that not only teach, but offer deeper engagement to empower students and employees with games and game customization.

  • Mixed Reality and “Internet of Things” Design for Customer Engagement

    If you work in a business that is “traditionally tangible,” like a museum, a zoo, a historical or tour-able site, or real estate, we can help you turn your experience into something virtually immersive and interactive.

    Using the latest technology, such as what’s seen in video games today, we can build customer experiences that help your customers visualize, explore, interact and engage with your products and services without limitations to the physical world.

Needs and Solutions

  • My customers and clients can’t access my physical space.

  • Virtual reality transforms your physical space into a digital space, making it so your customers and clients can engage with your business space from home or wherever else they may be.

    Mariott had a VR app developed called “The Teleporter” that allowed the company to market their travel experiences without having clients reserve or be physically present in spaces.

    Mercedes created the “Ask Mercedes” AR-based app so drivers could scan parts of their vehicles and learn about how they functioned without needing to bring the vehicle to a repair shop or technician.

    Walmart created a virtual reality gaming simulation for employees that allowed them to experience Black Friday shopping without it actually being Black Friday. Training in this way also meant large quantities of physical customers didn’t need to be present in stores for effective training.

    Giving your customers and clients access to your workspace is our Game.

    Is your business ready to hit the next Levelof engagement?


  • I need to make my products more accessible to customers in a virtual way.

  • Virtual reality and augmented reality allow customers to access digital, interactable 3D models of your products, giving tangible information so your customers can decide on you with confidence.

    Volvo created a VR app that brought their XC90 model straight to customers, allowing them to test drive the vehicle without ever needing to step foot inside it.

    IKEA created an AR app, IKEA Place, that lets customers preview what their house might look like if they purchased specific furniture items.

    Diamond Axe Studios, a publisher of Minecraft books, worked with Minegage to create a downloadable map based on the universe of their book series “Elementia Chronicles” by Sean Fay Wolfe. Customers who bought a book gained access to this game.

    Making products more accessible digitally is our Game.

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  • My business needs a more wholistic, comprehensive, and inclusive way to engage with people.

  • Virtual reality provides a 3D space where your employees, as well as your clients, can talk together, work together, or simply engage with one another and with your business.

    Mattel uses VR to connect employees in a real-time, virtual space where they can socialize, collaborate, brainstorm and share content in the same way they would in a conference room or office.

    Heinz created an AR app that gives recipes and interactive food demonstrations to customers who scan their product packaging, engaging them in virtual conversation.

    The Pokémon Company uses the Pokémon Go gaming app to not only provide a game for players, but also to directly engage with players, teach them about the franchise, and allow them to interact with virtual Pokémon in an augmented environment.

    Creating spaces for wholistic and inclusive engagement is our Game.

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  • I want to give immediate and useful information to my customers where and when they need it.

  • Augmented reality allows your customers to ask questions and seek answers at the push of a button or the scan of a product or code, improving your level of customer support.

    Law firms like Lamber & Goodnow can use VR to recreate realistic scenes of accidents or other civil litigation issues, allowing juries and judges to make better decisions.

    The wine companion app Vivino recognizes images of a wine label scanned by users and provides information for that wine, as well as reviews, ratings and notes about taste.

    Providing effective mediums for sharing information is our Game.

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  • My business practices need both short-term and long-term improvements to efficiency.

  • Not only do virtual reality and augmented reality save your business time and resources in this post-COVID-19 time, but they are also growing technologies with proven success, meaning investment in them now will reap future benefits too.

    Ford engineers have been using VR technology to work with virtual prototypes of vehicles rather than manufacturing physical prototypes right away, allowing them to improve their vehicles without wasting resources or time.

    Boeing uses AR smart glasses to improve wiring production time, helping to eliminate common errors by overlaying instructions to all engineers.

    With games in particular, there is always the opportunity to update the game to match current needs – for example, a game that provides information about history can continually be updated as time passes.

    Improving business efficiency in both the short-term and long-term is our Game.

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  • I need my employees, clients and/or customers to have confidence in my workplace and the services we provide.

  • By using virtual reality and augmented reality in your business, you show your employees, clients and customers that you’re willing to invest in them and their experience, helping them overcome any objections.

    Audi created a VR product simulation that allowed customers to go through vehicle customization options – when customers actually used the product, they felt its performance was demonstrated to them as well as if they were presented to in person.

    L’Oreal and Phillips Grooming both created AR apps that let users test out various new or popular hairstyles, beard styles (Phillips only) and hair colors before they purchase hair styling products or get haircuts.

    Helping your important people know you’re invested in them is our Game.

    Is your business ready to hit the next Levelof engagement?