Existential Games Partners with COSTI Immigrant Services to Develop Youth Employment Game

Existential Games and COSTI Immigrant Services in Canada are partnering to create a youth employment game designed to complement COSTI’s current and future workshops and curriculum with a focus on at-risk youth ages 17-25. The program will be developed over the summer of 2020 (May-August) with plans to release and implement the game in four different stages over the course of COSTI’s four-week fall program.

Clients at COSTI who use the game as part of their learning will experience a simulated scenario where they assume the role of someone like them, a young adult coming to COSTI for the first time, and take on the STEM job search process from start to finish.

Players will engage with non-player characters (NPCs) in environments like a coffee shop, a university library, an architecture firm, or even the local tech giant’s headquarters as they network, learn about the Canadian labor market, and develop core social and job skills.

Utilizing the latest game-based learning research and gaming technologies, we are working with COSTI in supporting at-risk youth,” Existential Games CEO Garrett Zimmer said. “This program is designed to work with thousands of at-risk youth in Canada.

Participants will have opportunities to improve their problem-solving skills, interview skills, stress and time management skills, social/communication skills, and job skills as they interact with characters in an open world, RPG-style simulated environment. In addition, participants will shape their character’s story and skills as they make choices that reflect their intended STEM career.

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